Self-starter and achiever, Ben has an enduring drive to improve human performance and satisfaction via data-driven process design and refinement, creativity, and empathy.

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Download my classic one-sheet black-and-white. For more detail, or work examples, use the contact form below.

Project Artifacts

  • I adapted Agile software methodology tools (user story) for use with a people-based deliverable (a novel personnel group) and merged this approach with the standard project phases (PMBOK). This artifact is my initial time line for the project: timeline.pdf


  • Whether facilitating formal training, coaching, or workplace intervention, measurement ought to be comprehensive. Big or small task, I attempt to measure impact according to Kirkpatrick's 4 levels. This artifact is an example of my measurement of level 2 training and intervention effectiveness: level2.pdf


  • I create and utilize priority matrices often, these can be quick-and-dirty, or complex and polished. I assessed/visualized the deployment of coaching personnel to high-value areas. This artifact is modest example of one of the matrices I used: prioritymatrix.pdf


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